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2 definitions by StarchyCakes


Acronym: Hot For Your Balls

Pronounced: Huh.Fuh.Yuh.Buh

When someone takes sexual interest in another.
Person 1: I think Sally is HFYB.
Person 2: Really? What makes you think that?
Person 1: She goes cross eyed when you look at her.
by StarchyCakes August 28, 2011
15 1
Hairstyle popular with male hipsters (or lesbians). The hair is short on the sides and long on the top resulting in a shaggy mound on the crown of the head (the puff).
Non-hipster: Your hair looks..."interesting"...have you had it cut?
Hipster: Yes, it's Hipster-puff.
by StarchyCakes June 21, 2012
2 3