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1 definition by StarbucksAddict

the funniest thing i've ever seen EVER!!! lol ok not really but its this dude counting for a lil girl before she can say Poopty Peupty Pants... AND I LOVE IT!!!! my exboyfriend showed it to me and sadly whenever i watch it i think of him LOL!!! but still its so funny and on ebaumsworld.com so CHECK IT OUT!!! under animation!
dude: hello baby
baby: *smiles and nods*
dude: i have a secret... r u wanting to kno what it shwas?
baby: *smiles and nods*
dude: ok i'll tell u what it shwas... i can count all de way to shfiftyfive before u can say Poopty Peupty Pants...

theres more lol but u gotta go to the site to get the full effect!
by StarbucksAddict July 01, 2004