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3 definitions by Starboyjuice

Combination of the words Roasted and Totaled. Referring to being stoned
"Man i'm so rodled after that joint"
by starboyjuice December 28, 2009
A balloon filled with smoke.
We are making pooninnens with our bong exhalations.
by Starboyjuice August 23, 2008
Another word for a marijuana cigarette or a joint. Mermaids live underwater, but you must use fire to light any type of cigarette, the effects of marijuana can often lead to someone feeling like a mermaid who needs fire.
"Yo, Pass the mermaid cigarette dude."
"Time to roll a mermaid cigarette!"
"Meet me after work for a mermaid cigarette."
by Starboyjuice May 10, 2012