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The larger audience version of labels. They include:

- All Asians are short and good at math
- All Americans are fat and rich
- All blacks are gangsta
- All French are lazy assholes that like frog legs and are named Pierre
- All Germans are nazis that have shnitzle
- All Russians are mean bastards
- All children have cellphones
- All Africans have AIDS
- All Southerners are cowboys that shit on blacks
- All Mexicans are illegal immagrants that sell drugs
- All Canadians are blondies with blue eyes and love hockey like the shizz
- All housewives enjoy gossiping about the neighbor kid
- All men are assholes after they marry
- Every icecream man is either a pedo hoping to snag and rape a kid or an undercover spy
Dude- Holy shit! Illegal Immagrant!
Chick- How do you know?
Dude- He's MEXICAN.
Chick- Damn sterotypes.
by Star*Girl June 28, 2009

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