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Something only the most Intelligent Men will decide to be. Does not mean that you are Gay, only means that you have decided that YOU will be in charge of your life and make all of the decisions in it, not some "Woman".
*Greg and Molly just got done doing the rumpy-bumpy and now Molly wants to have some Pillow Talk*

Molly: Greg, listen honey, we have been Dating for over a year now..I wanted to know...when are you going to propose to me?

Greg: *Chuckles* Never.

Molly: *Upset* WHAT DO YOU MEAN NEVER?!?

Greg: *Cool, Calm and Collected* Umm, I meant never as in not-ever...get it now?

Molly: *Emotional* You don't love me? All I want you to be is my Slave--I mean Husband...

Greg: Well thats not going to happen, I'm a Confirmed Bachelor.

Molly: So that means your never going to let me tell you what to do...ever?

Greg: Pretty much...oh look at the time, its, umm, 3:30 in the morning...I have to go, uh, water my cat...

Molly: Okay, but call me later because we need to talk about this...

Greg: I'll see what I can do...

*Greg leaves and never talks to Molly again.
by StanTehMan January 19, 2010

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