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4 definitions by Srini Balasubrian

The practice of leaving the country for the explicit purpose of engaging in sex.
"We're headed to Costa Rica because we heard that there is great opportunity for offshore drilling there."
by Srini Balasubrian July 16, 2008
36 8
Numerical representation of "I Hate You", based on the number of letters in each word. 143 on its own means "I Love You", but the negative sign in front of this changes "love" to "hate".
Screw you for sending me that last message. -143
by Srini Balasubrian August 19, 2008
32 12
Slang expression for male masterbation. Commonly heard in Eastern Canada.
You'll be so busy while visiting Ottawa, you won't even have time to pull your pin!
by Srini Balasubrian November 24, 2008
2 0
A standard for judging a woman's ass at lunchtime that is less critical than later in the evening.
"That waitress is hot," said Thomas. "I agree, very nice Lunch Ass," responded Tony.
by Srini Balasubrian January 07, 2009
5 4