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A country compromised of four disparate ethnic races united by history, tradition and religion. Was formed in 1947 with the enthusiastic support of India's Muslims to defend their religio-political rights. Has fought 3 wars with India over the Muslim majority Kashmir region. Kashmiris tend to support Pakistan in Cricket matches and would prefer Pakistan over Ram Raj (take it from a Kashmiri. Kher Chus Kashmiris). Hence enraged Indians take to the internet to vent their pent up frustration. (See below). Is often accused of harboring and helping terrorists, overlooking the fact that they hide in the inaccessible and never once occupied/directly ruled Tribal Areas and that support stems from the Afghanistan Conflict of the 1980's during which the West backed Islamic militants who've come back to haunt them.
1,Indian : I'll hate your country, insult and degrade its people, and then question why it came into existence. I'll talk about your founding father in inappropriate terms overlooking the fact that one of mine was half naked 24/7 and the other made himself into a man whore to get ahead. I'll accuse your country of harboring militants overlooking the fact that thats exactly what I did in 1971. I'll ridicule your religion forgetting that drinking cow urine is holy in mine.

2,American : You bitches better catch Osama!

Pakistani : The same one you once paid, armed and supported? Him?

by Srinagarsheikh1234 November 05, 2009

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