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An ugly person with little inhibtions that is usually female.

Also can be used as an adjective for an object of poor quality
those bunkass girls were drooling over those guys, from two places!

that bunk ass chair was rotted
#rotted #skank #whore #bunk ass chick #slut
by Sra. Jay January 11, 2006
A women from a trashy place, often appearing to be a whore and way to eager for sexual contact. Usually to call someone bunk ass, can be used in two contexts,
1) a male getting unwanted attention from an ugly female, that is pratically throwing herself at him.
2) used by girls to make derrogative remarks of other girls, with a jealous or vicious intent.
Dude, I cant beleive that bunk ass chick thought i would get with her, she was wafting ghonerria. I wouldn't tap that with my eyes closed and a prostetic penis

Jesus, those bunk ass chicks from the inner city were all up on my man tonight, they need to go back to their dirty little street corner

#whore #tramp #bunk ass #slut #skank
by Sra. Jay January 11, 2006
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