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Pittsfield is a medium sized city in Massachusetts. Pittsfield is known as the city that crashed like an elephant through a glass basement. Pittsfield is THE “anti-mixing pot”. About 80% of its population is white, but about 79% of that number are either insane, stubborn old people who refuse to let go of the once prosperous city, or insane, stubborn young people who insist on making the city progressively worse. Of course, the old-timers have some trouble adjusting living in between one house testing hand guns and the other cranking hip-hop music on full blast and bass. Most policemen don’t take them seriously, though, so their cries of help are usually ignored. Pittsfield does consist of whites, but only the kind of white people you fear having to work with (i.e. Crazy hicks, overzealous white gang members, abusive poverty stricken parents with too many children, etc.). If you’re a high school student, chances are you either attend PHS (Pittsfield High School), or Taconic. If you’re really looking for a good time, though, maybe you can roll on by Miss Hall’s School for girls and see some bored rich girls mooning you on the side of the road trying to suck some measly entertainment out of there isolated lives. North Street is unique in that it’s one of the only places in where you can get weed, a hooker, a bike, power tools, and latex rubber masks all in the same thirty square feet. You can go on and swing down by Palmers variety store. Take a little look towards the back wall. There you’ll see high schoolers and/or middle schoolers getting stoned, laughing there asses off, and eating candy all at once. You’ll sometimes see marijuana stuffed in lockers at school, but of course the principals are too arrogant of their schools to run a dog test. Basically, Pittsfield is a town run by stoned kids, and occasional gang wars.
…Dude, and then the b**** was like, class you need sh**, and I’m like f**** that…
-Jittery male Pittsfield High student

You rotten brats! Get the hell out of my driveway! -Over protective senior citizen of the “good old times”

Just take the extra change and leave, please! -Nervous Elm Street shop cashier
by Squiver November 12, 2005

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