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See Clinton Green.

Squishy is in reference to the baby jellyfish that Dori, the blue fish in Finding Nemo, names.

"I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall by my Squishy. Come here, Squishy. Come here, little Squishy. Goo Chee Goo Chee Goo. ---OW!!! Bad Squishy! Bad Squishy!" - Dori

Pat Lin Shu named Clinton Green her Squishy because she was bored one day... a day in which she saw Finding Nemo and now Clinty Boy is also named Squishy.
Clint is Pattie's Squishy.
by Squishy's Master July 09, 2004
Someone who goes hunting illegally; he justifies himself by stating he went hunting for deer with a licenced adult, his uncle. But, nothing justifies him when he goes shooting game underhandedly and unjustly.

See Clinton Green.
by Squishy's Master July 09, 2004
AKA Clinton Green, who claims to have "accidentally" stepped on a healthy pigeon, murdering the poor bird while walking down the street.

Luckily, the bird probably never saw its death coming, since the pigeon killer has such big feet.
Watch out! The pigeon killer is coming! RUUUUUNNNN!!! RUN AWAY FROM CLINT!!!
by Squishy's Master July 09, 2004
Apparently a degrading nickname for Clinton Green made up by his youngest cousins; he let this name slip from his mouth one day and Pat Lin Shu has never forgotten it, to CJ's dismay.
Clinty Boy is cheeeeeesy!
by Squishy's Master July 09, 2004
Suave black man who acts tough and macho, but in actuality, is a homosexual.
That John Shaft, he's actually gay.
by Squishy's Master July 09, 2004
One of the smelliest and dirtiest schools out there, filled with crapass teachers that don't educate and security guards that are more overweight than the majority of the obese midwestern population of america.
Not to mention, most of the students follow the same dress-code - $10 nike bags, oversized shirts, north face bags and jackets, tims and jordans.
For a school intended to be attended by "some of the most intelligent students in New York City and the country," there is a real lack of "intelligent" beings.
Also, a school that constantly has fires, fire drills and emergency evacuation procedures - in which you run out of the classroom and stand in the hallway where the MOST ANNOYING sound in the entire universe blasts in your ears, while the school could be bombed and all lifeform in the smelly building is blown up into smithereens because the stupid principal doesn't understand the concept of how bombs can blow out windows in the walls of the hallways.
A school that has fights occur in it everyday.
A school run by an obese black man who claims to be a "Doctor," but actually has an over-the-internet doctorate for music.
A school run by this obese black man who has allegedly sexually abused faculty, staff and students.
Only the dumbass pricks at Brooklyn Tech actually LIKE the school.
by Squishy's Master July 09, 2004
Being called "The New Manhattan" because of reconstruction, but in actuality, it is one of the dirtiest boroughs filled with the nastiest living things and thus, will never be anything like Manhattan, the best and ONLY borough.
Also the home of Brooklyn Tech, the smelliest and dirtiest school on earth.
Brooklyn sucks and swallows.
by Squishy's Master July 09, 2004
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