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An adjective used to convey an idea of something becoming outdated or old. This is an expression that would constantly evolve and as technological advances are found, it is likely that the word "cell phone" could take its place.

Before the advent of Blackberries and cellphones we had beepers also known as pagers. These primitive devices allowed one to receive a call and be notified that someone was trying to reach them. The beeper would display the phone number that the person trying to reach you wanted to be called back at.

Beepers were an amazing excuse for lazy people. It was like a cell phone with a built-in excuse. Nowadays you miss a call, you know you gotta call the other person back cause the phone is obviously with you. WIth a beeper it was like, "Oh shit man, couldn't get in touch with you. Got the page but there wasn't a phone around and I didn't have change for the pay-phone. (Read, I don't want to talk to your freak ass)."
Tom: Molly never knows about all the new things the world comes up with.

Deshawn: Truf, man. She is some major beeper status when it comes to technology.
by SquirrellyNinja May 26, 2006

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