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2 definitions by Squirmbob

(ADJ) The definition of a person who has and/or engages in an affair with an unatainable love.
The afie student kissed her teacher.

You and your afieness.

The afie girl had dreams about her teacher's soulpatch.
by SQUIRMBOB March 08, 2009
A person (usually a girl) who claims to be a "gamer" or "nerd" because they play non-challenging, non-multiplayer games such as the Sims, Animal Crossing, or Pokemon on occasion. They play casually and usually play on "easy mode" when given the option.
Girl: Well, I like playing games! I'm such a nerd!
Boy: Oh really? That's awesome! What games do you play?
Girl: Well, I play a lot of games, but Animal Crossing is my favorite!
Boy: The one with the talking animals?
Girl: Yeah.
Boy: You're such a happy gamer.
by Squirmbob March 11, 2011