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(ADJ) The definition of a person who has and/or engages in an affair with an unatainable love.
The afie student kissed her teacher.

You and your afieness.

The afie girl had dreams about her teacher's soulpatch.
#afie #af #affair #love #lust #stalker #teacher #student
by SQUIRMBOB March 08, 2009
A person (usually a girl) who claims to be a "gamer" or "nerd" because they play non-challenging, non-multiplayer games such as the Sims, Animal Crossing, or Pokemon on occasion. They play casually and usually play on "easy mode" when given the option.
Girl: Well, I like playing games! I'm such a nerd!
Boy: Oh really? That's awesome! What games do you play?
Girl: Well, I play a lot of games, but Animal Crossing is my favorite!
Boy: The one with the talking animals?
Girl: Yeah.
Boy: You're such a happy gamer.
#games #challenge #gamer #nerd #girls #pokemon #casual
by Squirmbob March 11, 2011
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