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3 definitions by Squik

The act of using your iPhone, iPod or iPad whilst taking a crap. Also known as the iPee if you are only taking a leak.
Useful if your employer has banned them during working hours.
Trevor: Wow, I'm so addicted to my iPhone that I can't put it down!
Bruce: Me too, I like to iPoo at work!
by Squik February 03, 2010
14 5
An Australian abbreviation and more socially acceptable way of saying: Sucked in Cunt!
I just got ripped of twenty bucks!
My best friend just fucked my girlfriend!
by Squik June 15, 2010
6 5
The act of having cigarette ash flicked into your eye by a total stranger who is talking animatedly with a cigarette in their hand.
Often accompanied by pain, swelling, redness and an outburst of expletives directed at the 'flisher'.
Can be used with all types of smoking implement, including cigars, pipes and illegal substances.
No, it's not a black eye. I was flished at a party last night.
by Squik February 03, 2010
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