2 definitions by Squidmonkey

Someone who is a shy introvert in real life, but turns into a full-on extroverted party animal on Internet forums and social sites.
Man, she was on Facebook flirting with everyone and talking about all her wild parties, but when we met in person she just stared at the floor and mumbled everytime I asked her something.

Yeah, sounds like she's kind of a webtrovert.
by Squidmonkey June 13, 2011
This girl is damn fine and super hot. She is super generous, and amazing at singing, so unique and funny and socially awkward. She is a poet but just does not know it yet and her lover is the internet and cats. She can even levitate. Damn Africa.
Omg who's dat girl


Omg does she like pizza? Because i want a pizza that ass. Unf
by SquidMonkey May 07, 2013

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