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We British have an obsession about talking about the weather, It's never good enough for us. It's either too cold in winter, too hot in summer, too wet in spring or it's too windy in autumn. The weather is strange in britian, the weather woman/man on tv is rarely ever right... he's/she's only right when he/she says the snow will melt by tuesday.
But then again, thats when it snows....

The British public has a voice which is usually heard, and usually criticizing the government. We are very bad at choosing prime ministers every time they get progressively worse at running the country.

We like the Americans in general because they give us such good television, such as the simpsons, family guy all the rest. Although, they constantly take the mick out of us, At then end of the day, we like the attention.

Yes we do drink excessive amounts of tea. But not with crumpets or scones, that's so last century. It's biscuits.

The people of britian come in different shapes, sizes colours, religions and we all just about get on... we all share a love a Britian, the landmarks, Her magesty the queen, and of course... a low opinion of the government.

The British sense of humour is a very dry, witty sarcastic one, which some people describe as being the lowest form of humour. We reject this fact and continue using sarcasum on a daily basis.

We also have the BBC yes the only channel which cannot be bothered to have adverts, so they charge us a ridiculous amount each year... and if we don't pay we can't have a tv.... which is arkward.

In general, we like to be different, each city has it's own accent.

The further south you go the posher you sound.

The further north you go the rainier it is. (poor scottland)

We also call our country Great Britain, Although we always have something to complain about.
It is a well known truism that the British are obsessed about the weather.
by SquarishCircle September 19, 2009

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