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Slipknot is 9 piece band from Des Moines, Iowa. "True " or "kvlt" metalheads will call Slipknot 'false metal/emo/goth/etc'. I just call them a metal band. Before anyone starts calling me a 'poseur', at least hear me out. You either love them or hate but don't call them shit if you've never listened to them. At least respect Slipknot. To "true" metalheads: Yes i know Slayer, old Metallica, Pantera, Lamb of God, etc.(you get the idea) are awesome and Slipknot can't compare to them,it doesn't give you the right to call them shit and call others poseurs only because they listen to Slipknot without knowing what other bands they listen to. Yes i know there are a lot of 13 yr olds that listen to Slipknot and say their the heaviest band in the world. I've heard more Pantera and Lamb of Godon the radio than i've heard Slipknot. I only hear Slipknot when a person calls in and requests it. Slipknot didn't steal the mask idea from Mushroomhead. Mushroomhead paints their faces. Slipknot wears masks. How people came up with this idea is beyond me. To all the poseurs out there: Slipknot an awesome band, but you guys are making us look like idiots. Slipknot is not black metal, death metal, or thrash/speed metal. Slipknot is not the heaviest band in the world, so get a fucking life!. To all maggots and metalheads(i.e. not poseurs who only like them cause it pisses your fucking parents off): We should all be out there after the the members of Limp Dickshit, i mean Limp Bizkit, so we can kill them for making shit that some idiot decided to call 'music'(i'm using the term 'music' loosly). Especially that retarded asswipe Fred Durst.

Get a life and try a different genre of metal. You never know, you might actually like it.
MMFCL and stay (SIC) fuckers.
*posur*Lik whatcha you listnin' to?
*me* Slipknot, Slayer, Child-*gets cut-off*
*me**kicks poseur in face a couple times* Go listen to some Deicide or Dying Fetus then come back and see if you can still say that.*walks off*

*stereotypical metalhead*what're you listening to?
*me*Children of Bodom, Dying Fetus, ICP, Slipknot,-
*stereotypical metalhead**completely ignores the other bands I said*SLIPKNOT SUCKS!! THEY'RE SHITTY FASLE METAL!!!YOU'RE JUST ANOTHER POSEUR!!!
*me*Don't spew diarrhea of the mouth without ever listening to the band.*puts Gemetria (the Killing Name) on*
*stereotypical metalhead*Hey that's not too bad. Who is that?
*stereotypical metalhead*Really? They're not as bad as I thought. Still not my style though.
*me*Told you.
by Sqeek the college juggalette July 24, 2009
A retarded cyber bully who sounds like a richie bitch. Probably had everything handed to him and never had to work a day in his fucking life. This bitch boy is probably afraid of juggalos cause he knows he'd get his ass kicked.Probably did have his ass kicked by a juggalo. Knows nothing about los, lettes, and ICP, but felt that it was his responsiblity to spew forth diarrhea of the mouth about it like he's mr-know-it-all. Likes to believe all juggalos/lettes are homosexual furries with antihomosexual stances(obviously can't tell the difference between skinhead biggot fucks, anime kids, and juggalos). Has the natural hatred of poor people like all other rich seltered assholes and thinks juggalos/lettes can't go to college. He doesn't realize there are juggalos that are doctors, lawyers, police officers, are in the military, etc. Also believes that Shangria' la is our own privite juggalo heaven(how can heaven be privite? If you're right with whatever god you worship, then you get to go as long as you ain't a biggot fuck.), but probably never listened to Pass Me By or Let's Go All the Way. The fact that this mongoloid thinks faygo tastes like day old semen says enough.

mmfwjcl and stay (SIC).
There's no example for this bitch boy. Just looks at his asinine definitions. ICP_SUX most likely still lives with his parents. This uptight prick needs to smoke some weed and seriously chill the fuck out.
by Sqeek the college juggalette July 19, 2009

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