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the act of innitiating sex, with someone who is completely asleep and un aware, and finishing anyway. The instigator is the ghost rider.
I was passed out last night but my girlfriend was horny and pulled the ghost rider on me
by Spyro1509 November 19, 2010
The foamy white sucretion from the anus due to post anal ejaculation and extended anal intercourse.

-in theory, the fuckstick acts as a whisk and arrieats the jiz and causes the foam. Then the built up pressure forces the frothy cum out of her asshole around your cock.
Me and my girlfriend had angry butt sex all night. when i finally pulled out, it looked like she had anal rabies.
by Spyro1509 August 23, 2010
occurs durring a strong male orgasm. the point when you ejaculate and as the prostate pumps, causes a retraction of the tendon attached to your penis forcing vertical motion similer to that of a hand gun.
i was banging this one girl and when i blew my load, the penis recoil gave me a bitchin cramp.
by Spyro1509 December 12, 2010

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