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Hatherley is usually used as a last name, but it is mainly used as a first name in America

Nick names: Hattie, Hath, Hat,

(used mainly for females)
Origins: Irish, English, Welsh, Scottish
Meanings: "supposed Irish meaning (two parts) "Hathe"-sweet "erl"- hear "Ey(Eyei) Song... all together now Hatherley= Sweet Music

UK Origins- Southern UK (Welsh)- (E.I.) Castle Hatherley(location) Upper Hatherley(Area) Lower Hatherley (Area)

Famous: Hatherley was the last name of a recurring character in the early crime series Sherlock(e?) Holmes also the last name of a popular British singer, Charlotte Hatherley(like the sound of that!)

other meanings
Choosing Hatherley as a first name? Here are some great middle names to go along with it! Anne, Grace, Michelle, Marie, Nicole, (just to name a few)
Common misspelling and errors in pronunciation " Heatherley, Heatherly, Hetherly, Haverley, Heferlee, hatherly.
James: "whats the name of your friend that always comes over to play Wii?"

Howard: "Oh that's Hatherley."
James:"What kinda name is that?"
Howard: "I don't know ask Hatherley when she comes over."
by Spruce010 July 09, 2011

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