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Digital Gong--Derived from the old television show named, "The Gong Show". The process of stopping an MP3 or video before it is over when it gets boring or annoying, usually due to over performance or general suckiness of the performer.
I had to digigong Mariah Carey when she hit that horrible high note and started riffing. I wish there was an automatic digigong every time Michael Bolton sings.
by Spread like Mike Honcho November 26, 2010
A person who does not believe either that Santa exists or not and does not need to know in order to find joy in the Christmas holiday.
I am not sure if Santa brings me gifts or if its my relatives and it does not matter to me...I guess I am a Santagnostic.
by Spread like Mike Honcho November 24, 2011
Feelings of longing which accompany a malfunctioning ice dispenser that spins and makes noise, but does not dispatch ice.
I held my cup to the ice maker for at least a minute, but my need for cubes was not satisfied...all I got was an ice tease.
by Spread like Mike Honcho October 24, 2011

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