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2 definitions by SporticusM

New Aspect Director is the creative,writer and director on various productions local to Ireland. Although relatively unknown,New Aspect Director can be found online and certain social networking sites such as Bebo and youtube. Will usually aid people if in need of help in different areas of media.
Yo you should give a shout out to New Aspect Director. He might give you a helping hand in your movie shit.
by SporticusM April 23, 2009
A song by the man,the myth,the legend
Les claypool

and the name given to a certan powerfull alcoholic drink that feels like you just had to swallow some fire.It either k.o's you or you life to take another shot.

hey johnny just played Highball with the devil and lost. Now he's passed out on steves couch.
The song
"Wow this is one kool song" "turn up the bass"

The drink
"hey johnny just played Highball with the devil and lost". "Now he's passed out on steves couch".
by sporticusM April 24, 2009