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A word used to start up a conversation out of randomness.

Said at the same time your hand makes contact with someones body part.
I.E.When you hit them

Made up in Newport News by Spiros Vithoulkas.
Louis:What the hell are you saying.
by Spiros Vithoulkas February 10, 2005
The name of a street located in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Home to Spiros, Athena, Louis, Lil Ryan, and Nick and Ian (the gays)

Ghettoest street in silver spring
Spiros:Foxhall can kick Regina Dr. ass.
Tony:Yeah i know. Regina sucks and so do I
by Spiros Vithoulkas February 10, 2005
Fresh To Def.

Used mostly by Spiros
Spiros:Mamma are you FTD
Mom:I dont like that word. Ill FTD you in a minute.
by Spiros Vithoulkas February 10, 2005
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