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3 definitions by Spirit Pyromaniac

Definition 1 (Playstation Portable) - Sony's only portable system for video games. It rivals the Nintendo DS for supremacy of the portable video game market, and can also display images, audio and video. Additionally, it has support for wireless gameplay and internet surfing. Gameplay through the Universal Media Disc (UMD) can be laggy and choppy, along with excessive loading times. Despite this fact, UMDs can hold up to 1.8 GB of data. A large disadvantage is that the PSP lacks innovativity for gameplay, and has a rather low battery life while playing UMD games.

Definition 2 (Paint Shop Pro) - Large-scale graphic-editing software designed by Jasc Software. Rivals Adobe's Photoshop for the graphic-editing software market, despite its low price compared to Photoshop. However, the software is made specifically for Windows Operating Systems only, and is an obvious turn-off to non-Windows users because of it.
1) The PSP is superior to the DS when it comes to hardware specifications, but falls short in terms of gameplay innovativity.

2) PSP is a cheap alternative to Photoshop if you have a Windows OS.
by Spirit Pyromaniac January 01, 2007
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When two people are on the ground playfighting in positions that looks more like violent sex to anyone nearby.
Two people start talking, they start playfully arguing, and the next thing you know, consensual rape has occurred.
by Spirit Pyromaniac October 03, 2007
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A famous pop singer that began his career in the 70's. He has become one of the main people to insult if you want to fit into the crowd, even though said crowd is full of morons anyway. If he was guilty of child molestation, there would probably be at least a few members of the jury that found him guilty, based on what we call 'evidence'. You know, the legal term for proof that one did something. Everyone just goes by common opinion, which just shows modern-day human stupidity.
Michael Jackson was found not guilty of these crimes. The word "not" being the nullification of the word "guilty". If you can't understand something that simple, I don't really know what to say.
by Spirit Pyromaniac December 31, 2006
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