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Everybody. And don't ever think otherwise
EVERYBODY is Beautiful
by Spirit Girl August 23, 2010
An ESP in scientific terms, it is basically a Sense beyond the 5 (Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight, Sound). Such include abilities such as Telekinesis, Telepathy, and Remote Viewing. There are many beyond these three however. It is one of the greatest gifts one person could be given, and I wish I had it. It makes you a Psychic.
Wish I had a 6th Sense. Who knows what I'd be able to do!
by Spirit Girl September 06, 2010
One who can see and/or talk to spirits. Often misunderstood or mocked, or even shunned. But they are like anybody else. And they are just as normal as the rest of us. They arn't retarded or deluded, but Amazing and Gifted. We are out there, and we arn't insane. Get to know one of us.
Paige is a Medium. She speaks to spirits and sees them almost everywhere, but we love her anyways.
by Spirit Girl August 22, 2010
After many years of being a Grass Head, one will shun their friends and family to marry their lawn. A form of insanity that few ever possess. It is a cureable disease that controls your mind and heart.
Mr. Smite is now married to his lawn. Some say he's just a wack job. But we all know he has Grass Brain. Poor guy...
by Spirit Girl September 08, 2010
Adj. A person who obsesses over the health of their grass. They spend 110% of their time and money using fertilizers, watering their lawns, and keeping weeds away while treating their lawns like Newborn Babies. They hate dry patches and dog crap. Often you will see them with sprinklers constantly on, shooing people from the grass. After years, one may develop the rare Grass Brain Disease.
Oh my gosh! Mr. Smite is watering his lawn AGAIN! Just another Grass Head on Ray Drive!
by Spirit Girl September 08, 2010

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