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2 definitions by Spilly

An athletic support, or jock strap, holds a jock in place over a male's penis and testicles so as to protect them from direct contact while playing sports. A jock is also commonly referred to as a cup. A SMUCup is a cup for SMU. It is a smaller version than that of an adult or junior size cup.
SMU needs to wear a SMUCup, if he wore a junior size cup to protect his twig and berries, he'd trip over it.
by Spilly November 08, 2005
A Golf Cart driven by SMU (See definition). Special characteristics of a SMUCart also include: empty cans of Lucky Brand Beer, a scorecard with multiple 10’s, and a smashed rear bumper.
SMU drove that golf cart and smoked that car in the parking lot; he turned his cart into a SMUCart.

That car that SMU hit in the parking lot had pieces of SMUCart all over it.
by Spilly September 26, 2005