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n. a tattoo that is the more common male equivalent of a tramp stamp, defined particularly by placement at the top-middle of the back (i.e., directly below the neck, between the shoulders).
"Wow, Chet, if you didn't always walk around without a shirt on, I would have never seen that sick douche-tag! Is that some sort of tribal barbed wire or is it the Chinese symbol for 'classy'?"

"Brother Lance got a douche tag of our fraternity letters to commemorate the most ridiculous years of his life."

"I can't wait to get drunk and take my shirt off a the company picnic so both the executives and my direct-report employees can lose the last bit of respect they have for me when they see my douche tag I got during Spring Break this year while I was scamming on girls ten years younger than me! I'm single because I want to be."
by Sphaced August 24, 2011
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