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1. person who comes over just for sex with no string attached; a booty call
I was horny last night so I called Jenny for a late night tip.
by SpeedsterZ28 November 22, 2005
It's when a guy is deciding whether or not he should fuck a questionable-looking girl...first, he jacks off, and after he cums, if he still wants to fuck the girl, he should--the loss of the horniness and clouded judgment immediately after orgasm is the "moment of clarity".
I thought I wanted to hook up with my ex last night, but I jerked off and the moment of clarity told me I shouldn't.
by SpeedsterZ28 December 05, 2007
Another term for vagina.
I'd love to bury my bone in her cock grave!
by SpeedsterZ28 December 05, 2007

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