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Every time some thing is created, something comes along that tries to parody it. However, when something has grown large, bloated and into nearly universal recognition, more drastic measures must be taken.

Bobobo-Bo-Bobobo is an anime to end all anime. It is the culmination of over 30 years of Japanese television all distilled into one psychadelic rant that mocks every iteration of of the genre. However, the producers decided to do this in the form of the old fashioned Saturday morning serial kid's show. In reality, it's like the /b/ of anime.

The show format is that of a sketch comedy show that occurs at random during a prolonged, typical anime serial about an oppressive empire and one determined hero out to stop it. However, a rogue's gallery for "wiggins" is the cast of the show and they constantly interrupt the story with skits involving anything from Japanese daytime office drama, Samurai movies, yakuza comedey shows, game shows, Romance movies, etc. The story is still followed throughout the show but all fights involve the use of random techniques that are either rediculously effective or just there to make the audience laugh their pants off.

The Best Aspect of Bobobo is that it was dubbed into English using excelent casting. The American voice actors perfectly capture each character and make for flowing dialogue that contributes greatly to the comediac aspect of the show.

If anything, think of combining SNL and MAD TV with InuYasha and Dragonball Z nd make it ten times funnier and that's Bobobo. Caution must be used when watching and particular attention must be payed or you will become confused and lose both the point of the episode and the desire to watch further episodes, or your keys.
Heckler:Bobobo-bo-bobobo is so retarted and gay!

Fan: That's because you have the attention span of a kumquat, the imagination of a potatoe, and you were abused by your father with frozen hotdog buns as a child.

*Fan proceeds to beat heckler with a green onion while wearing a kimono and samurai's wig*
by Spaztronaught June 14, 2007

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