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A rare genetic anomaly that very few people are born with anymore.
Wow, due to Jude's Sixth Sense of Humor, he made Paul laugh so hard that he accidentally shat himself a little.
by Spatchmo October 12, 2009
Someone who uses the bathroom for too long, or someone who uses the bathroom and doesn't clean up after themselves.
Kelly: Man, Fred was such a bath-hole tonight! I was waiting outside the bathroom for sooo long, I thought I might've shat all over the hallway! And when he did finally come out, he didn't even light a match!
Todd: Oh, man it's on! I'm gonna feck that mofo up, yo.
by Spatchmo December 28, 2008
The best thing that's ever happened to me.
Skyview Highschool, located in Soldotna, Alaska. Home of the panthers, with purple, black, and silver colors. It's like my second home.
by Spatchmo October 25, 2009
A hermaphrodite.
Nobody could tell that Jordan was an inbetweener, despite the fact that she had a luxurious happy trail on her six pack, and that she's had pubes since she was in Kindergarten.
by Spatchmo December 23, 2009

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