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A small town in Eastern Arizona with a large Mormon population, a large Catholic population, and a large tweaker population. Home to one of the most prominent mountain peaks in the United States, and more outdoor activity that you can shake a stick at. Not a bad place to live if you can find work. Jobs tend to come and go based on the copper mining industry, but Cotton farming and Correctional facilities provide a stable economic base for the majority of its residents and will continue to do so for years to come.

The neighboring town of Thatcher is the home of Eastern Arizona College, which hosts an excellent nursing program.

Housing costs were quite low before expansion of the Morenci mine in 2006 and construction of the new Safford mine in 2007 created a shortage in housing, causing home prices and rent rates to skyrocket. Home construction boomed as a result, along with the construction of new hotels and apartment complexes. In January 2009, Freeport McMoRan announced massive layoffs due to the economy and major dips in the price of copper. This may actually result in a large surplus of housing, causing prices and rent rates to fall to pre-2006 levels.
You're from Safford? I used to live there, before I got laid off at the mine earlier this month. I had to move somewhere else to find another job.

I used to live in Safford, but I had to move away in 2007 when they jacked up my rent. These construction workers are making a decent wage and willing to shack up together. My landlady said to either pay up or pack up. I can't afford $1500 a month when six months ago I was paying $700 for the same house. Who cares if I've been renting this house for 5 years and I've been a good tenant. I guess all she cares about is a quick buck.

I've been working at the Safford prison for 20 years. I bought my house for cheap when mine activity was in a lull, and I've seen these workers come and go. People are always going to get sent to prison, so I never have to worry about getting laid off.
by Spartana January 25, 2009
thedirty.com: A gossip blog based in Scottsdale, AZ, operated by Hooman Karamian under the moniker of Nik Richie. Posts pictures of people acting stupid, Makes fun of douchebags, posers, 30k millionaires, and people who get arrested for dui. Somewhat ironic, considering Hooman was arrested for DUI in January 2008 and he is by all accounts a douchebag. However, that sort of irony and self depreciating lighthearted humor is exactly what makes the website so entertaining and addicting.
Dude, I hope no one took a picture of me pissing outside the bar after closing time. That could end up on thedirty.

I looked at the grimy glendale blog, but there's only so much white trash one can take. that's why I get my fix on thedirty.

by Spartana January 25, 2009
The +2 factor refers to the impact a breast augmentation has on a woman's rating on a scale from 1 to 10.

For instance: A plain looking woman who registers as a 5 on the scale before surgery will become a 7 after surgery, hence going from plain to attractive.

This procedure can backfire if performed improperly. Improperly placed implants can result in a refund gap if placed too far apart, or a uniboob if placed too close together. The goal in placing breast implants is to enlarge the bustline in a manner that enhances a woman's sex appeal.
She was cute, but now that she has +2's I'd like to motorboat her tits and place my phallus between them, given the opportunity.
by Spartana January 25, 2009
A place that's rumored to exist in the city of Phoenix near the intersection of Central Avenue and Washington Street. Sparsely populated, save for the homeless, government employees, and the occasional ballgame attendee.
Downtown Phoenix is an embarassingly small core for a city with a population of over 1.5 million
by Spartana January 25, 2009
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