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A file sharing program used mostly by teens and those new to the internet because they don't know that it is invading your system with spyware, adware, trojans, foistware, viruses, heck and probably the frickin devil. Can be used to download anything from child/rape/bestality/necrophile porn to music (which the riaa have a good chance of finding). Mostly used for the former. Also known as a testement to what advertising is doing to the internet.
The bitches that made Kazaa should crucified for the crap they let their "safe" program do.
by spacetree April 08, 2004
The organization that Ah-nuld and Dubya belong to, as well as Osama Bin Laden, Hilter (who lives in Argentina after he drank the Elixir of Life), and Bob Barker. Plus every other political leader/celebrity. Together, they control every facet of human existence as if it were a game of Dungeons and Dragons. Social unrest? Revolution? Hurricane Katrina? All doings of The Illuminati. Hell, they even control when you take a dump.
This website is controlled by The Illuminati. YOU are controlled by The Illuminati.
by Spacetree November 07, 2005

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