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Term coined by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, refering to epic failure Lindsay Lohan.

Similar to Perez Hilton's La Loca LOLhan
So the LAPD rushed over to Lindsanity LOLhan's Hollywood home Tuesday afternoon after being notified of a break-in at the wacktress' humble abode. The alarm went off.

Police officers found all sorts of evidence of a "potential break-in and ransacking" until the cops realized La Loca Lohan's home has always been a pigsty!
by SouthernKaytee May 27, 2009
(proper noun) Coined by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton referring to celebrity failure Lindsay Lohan.

Can also refer to her even more epic failure of a sister (Ali), mom (Dina), and dad (Michael)
"LOLhan was manic as ever, going from crying to smiling and flirty in a matter of seconds until saMAM showed up"
by SouthernKaytee May 27, 2009

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