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A collection of paper strips, usually bound together and labeled on the cover or binding. The strips, or pages, contain various sections, or chapters, which relate facts or a story. Generally, all topics discussed in the book relate to eachother and form a point, which is the main theme of the book. Many books relate stories, whether funny, action-packed, romantic, horrible, dramatic, etc. Some books are very evil and discuss topics boring and very fact-based. These are called School books, and should be burned.
Thomas Thames, the modern day Hitler, organized massive school book burning sessions
by Sourbread February 02, 2005
Going on and on about a stupid and worthless subject that no ones interested in anyway
I was watching TV the other day when I saw two hundred rough looking gentlemen nab a round chunck of popcorn before eating a nasty child before 5oo stupid youths had run out the door to greet grandpa dumbhead and that was it because dumbhead had a laser guided RPG that nailed each of them in the forehead and blew off their appendages in a bloody splash and coated the doorway with a crimson liquid that ran down to the floor and pooled in the sewer where more than two million rats lived, but they weren't hungry.
by Sourbread February 01, 2005
The position in which a monkey is held while a siberian wolf hound pummels his chin
Ooooh Haaa Haaa Heee Heee.... OOOOF
by Sourbread February 02, 2005
When firing a fully-automatic weapon, the action of pulling the trigger and sweeping the target area back and forth multiple times in order to minimize the effect of the weapon's relatively low accuracy.
"The terrorist targeted a crowd of ten American tourist with his AK-47 and strafed the group multiple times, massacreing them all."
by Sourbread February 02, 2005

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