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Short for Bunch Of Guys Sitting Around a Table. Usually referring to meetings or decision by committee.
Dil#1, "Man, that's fucked up. Who tha fuck came up with that?"
Dil#2, "Man, you know. The same as always, BOGSAT."
by Soupy Boots January 22, 2007
A so-called comedian who is mildly amusing in small doses. Any full length show or DVD has been banned by the world community as cruel and unusual.
"Hey, did you hear the new torture they're using at GTMO?"
"Oh right, I hear they're forcing EPWs to listen to or watch Dane Cook. They spill both their secrets and their lunch after that!"
by Soupy Boots April 17, 2009
A cute girl with small, but perky, nicely shaped breasts.
"Emily's not very endowed."
"C'mon, bro. She's such a cupcake!"
by Soupy Boots April 17, 2009

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