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2 definitions by SoundAvarice

Erroneous statement indicating a misconception borne of ignorance or naivety. Synonymous with "fallacy" (though must be stated) and derived in part from the adjective "fecal." In the cherished tradition of equating unlikely notions with fecal matter and/or the act of defecation.
"Fecalities we're abundant in today's session of parliament, the most heinous fecality coming from the Prime Minister."
by SoundAvarice July 19, 2009
Abbreviation of the popular term "The Dog's Bollocks," spoken throughout the United Kingdom, but especially popular among "Cockneys" and others residing in London's East End.
Have a look at that motor - that's the dog's bollocks, that is.
by SoundAvarice July 19, 2009