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boyfriend in Spanish. Novia is girlfriend.
It can also be defined in a humorous way:
No,vio - which means did not see, such as in she did not see the guy's bad qualities.
"Ahi esta la Novia de Juan."
"There she is, Juan's girlfriend."

"El novio de Lupe es un mujeriego."
"Lupe's boyfriend is a player."

"Lupe no vio, el novio verdadero."
"Lupe did not see her boyfriend for who he really is."
by Sound of Music July 15, 2008
Used to describe a Latin woman with no refined tastes. Bad words easily flow from her mouth, she is sloppily dressed, and smells like armpit and beer. Speaks without thinking and beats her kids with her purse or her belt. Loose woman with no values.

Latin people's version of white trash.
"Esa vieja simplona apesta a pura cerveza."
"That old simplona stinks of beer."

"Me la heche ala vieja simplona."
"I shagged the old simplona."
by Sound of Music July 15, 2008
What Mexicans call a white person. Pinche derives from a lower class or subservient position, used for humiliation. Gringo means white man. Gringa is a white woman.

Used when arrogant white people piss off a Mexican or Mexican-American person.
"Ese Pinche Gringo me dijo que no puedo estacionarme en frente de su casa."
"That Pinche Gringo said i couldn't park my car in front of his house."

"Pinche gringa vieja,cara de bruja."
"Old, witch faced, pinche gringa."
by Sound of Music July 15, 2008

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