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n.- A gun used by those who think they are good at CounterStrike. It requires little manuvering (an awper will tell you differently) and even less skills. It kills in one shot. The people behind the scope often think they are good. Often these "awpers" talk shit to people, defending a cheap gun. A nuke is a one hit wonder, in the same sense the awp is. The awp, however would be appreciated if Counter-Strikes format was more like Day of Defeats where you respawn quickly after death. However it does not, and still, and always will be a n00b cannon.
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Soulphonate: Dammit,fucking Sniper at the Terrorist spawn got me heading to bomb site b from spawn.
Case: Don't worrying I knifed him because he's a n00b.
by Soulphonate May 07, 2004

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