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Short term for marijuana, also, a type of shop specializing in the sale of drug related paraphenalia
I went to the hed shop to pick up a bong.
by SothThe69th August 20, 2003
Sneaking a thumb into a womens private area. Traditionally done to strippers and cheerleaders, but can also be used against any woman wearing a short skirt and little to no panties.
I snuck the stripper the magic thumb and the bouncer kicked my ass.
by SothThe69th May 06, 2003
When something is so good that it transcends the bonds of normal goodness.

First used by SothThe69th, a forum user who's arrogance knows no bounds.
His signature is Sothtastic!
by SothThe69th April 24, 2003
When something is so bad it transcends the normal limits of bad.

First coined by SothThe69th, a message board user who's self-obsession knows no bounds.
It was a total Sothtastrophe! First the game got rained out, then my cat died, then my hard drive died!
by SothThe69th May 14, 2003
When the ending to a television show, book, or movie would work far too well into a sequel or followup of any sort, or the ending of the item is left open expressly for the purpose of a sequel.
The ending of Return of the Jedi was SEQUELTASTIC!
by SothThe69th September 22, 2003

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