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A social environment that permits smoking, often with a government issued license. Most commonly tobacco hookahs are smoked, but cigars, cigarettes and brier pipes are often smoked in Hookah Lounges, depending on the hookah lounge.

A business that rents hookahs for smoking flavored tobacco on the premises. Especially popular for young adults aged 18-25 for socializing and avoiding stress, work or studying.

Distinguished from a hookah bar as hookah bars sell alcoholic beverages and hookah lounges do not.
We can get done studying for the final and go over to the Hookah Lounge.

If you get done early, meet Kayla and me over at the hookah lounge.
by Sonthert August 04, 2011
A person predisposed to living in a fantasy-like state which leads to acting inappropriately in public, especially owing to drug use or flamboyant, self-indulgent, geeky avocations.

Something which is pointless and overly thought-out or indulgent.

Often used in conjunction with the word "real" as a qualifier to indicate an extreme case where a person feels a need to attract negative attention to themselves, but by doing so, they attempt to ingratiate or force the identification of themselves to the small target audience that the attribute, mannerism or activity is intended for.
Annette's Vulcan ears make her look like a real brass cupcake.

The bar on the next street over must be a gay bar, its filled with brass cupcakes.

The gay guy standing in front of the bar must be a real brass cupcake wearing ass-less leather chaps like that.

When you find a party with people on shrooms, you'll find a lot of brass cupcakes trying to light things on fire.
by Sonthert November 21, 2012
A Jacuzzi or hot tub.

Usually private or isolated and set into the ground or concrete as opposed to a portable type hot tub, but can be any kind.

Also can specifically refer to a public hot tub that is closed at a certain time, after the hours that its open to the residents.

Frequently used in terms of proposing to have sex in a jacuzzi or hot tub, but can be used as a simple noun.
At night, after everything at the University closed, sophomores would often sneak down to the fuck pond so they wouldn't bother their roommates while they were studying.

When Paul would pick up a girl at the bar, he would take them back to his apartment building's fuck pond.

After we get back from the movies, I was thinking of coming over to your place and using your fuck pond.
by Sonthert August 04, 2011
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