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There's 2 types of loners. The loser loner and the cool loner. Unfortunately throughout high school and life I fell into the first category not the second.

The one i always wished to be and looked up to was The cool loner, they're the one who does their own thing, dosen't really care what others think, rejects most people yet is looked up to and follows their own lead. Usually ends up popular in some way despite their aversion to popularity in general. They always have the 'cool' people approaching them wanting to be friends yet they prefer to do their own thing. Usually are hated or loved. This kind of person is usually miles ahead of the 'popular people'

Then there's guys like me.. The loser loner. The type of guy who dosen't have good social skills, No confidence and jealous traits. The one who never gets the girl, the money or the friends. The dumb guy who nobody notices. The one who feels invisible around women. The one who nobody wants to spend time with. Known as 'the boring guy', the 'friendless' guy, the invisible man. We have to act out to get attention. We arent lone wolves, we are dependent insecure people who are usally better friends with the teachers and tag-a-long. We were dealt a bad hand in life.
Being a loner isnt a bad thing.
by Sonni Vitale December 27, 2007

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