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The definition in which it may be 4-6 weeks or days counting on what the person is using.

Otherwise there is another soon. the Blizzard "soon" which can be a very LONG time 6-24 months actually.
The Battle.net Tournaments are temporarily unavailable, but will return soon.

Yeah right, more like in 2005
by Somone December 15, 2003
a guy (doesn't have to be young) who cares about his appearance, looks, and image. he might wear expensive clothes, jewlery, or style his hair. basically he wants to look good as much as possible.

IS NOT A METROSEXUAL. two different things. a metrosexual is related to embracing the gay culture. a pretty boy would punch you in the face if you said anything like that to him and might even hate gay men.
pretty boys: jonny depp, vin diesel, timberlake, will smith
by somone February 25, 2005
Really gay dude from Brooklyn, NY. He jacks off to elvis.
Shiba from s2hacking
by Somone March 25, 2005

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