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One who arrogantly condemns "the other side" (e.g. Republicans) for being "ignorant sheep" who can't think for themselves, whereas it never enters their minds that someone can be intelligent and educated while still conceding the unfortunate necessity of war; that someone can disapprove of George W. Bush's administration but still applaud the removal of Saddam Hussein from power; that someone can side with the government and not be a brainwashed fascist; that someone can believe humans have nobler aspirations that look past their own self-interests.

***Intentionally spelled incorrectly as the proper entry (Anti-war Protester) is much less popular.***
"1. Someone who actually questions what their government tells them, thus fulfilling the very idea of democracy
2. A person with enough intelligence to see right through Bush and recognize him for the moron he is
3. Anybody who opposes people who think that they can launch a war without the world's support." ~ Anti-war Protestor
by SomethingWitty June 11, 2008
a guy who acts like a PMS-ing girl
'omg dude, I just broke my nail WTF I'm so pissed right now'
'come on bro, don't be such a moodgirl'
by somethingwitty October 04, 2012
An operating system-whoops, I meant KERNEL-mainly used by teenagers who think it makes them edgy and alternative (just like listening to the Arctic Monkeys). Funnily enough, they only ever install it on a hard drive partition. So when it inevitably fucks up they can fall back on Windows (which will also fuck up eventually).

Also worthy of note is that its supporters make use of the "m$" abbreviation every chance they get, hoping they'll appear to be "fighting the machine." But contrary to popular belief, having Linux does not make you a 1337 h@x0r, and being a 1337 h@x0r does not mean you use Linux.
*downloads and attempts to install a Linux distribution*
by SomethingWitty June 11, 2008

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