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1 definition by Somerset

The finest town in all of North America. People here possess the best qualities of any humans on the face of the earth. Somersetians tend to stay within the confines of this rustic community. It's inhabitants favorite color tends to be Realtree or Mossy Oak, and their main form of transportation is generally a truck, ATV, or boat. Somersetians hold a rather country accent and are the most stubborn son-of-a-bitches you will ever come across. They find it proper and acceptable to wear boots in all occasians and take bowhunting and fishing to extreme and perfect levels. They tend to love country music, woodshop, and beer.

The most upstanding member of this town is referred to as "somerset" and spends the majority of his time at Somerset Candy Company and with his Uncle Steve. He is Taylor Swift's future husband and he packs some serious heat south-of-the-border.

Somerset is the greatest place on earth, I wish everyone could live here and never leave.
by Somerset April 08, 2009