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A type of story originating form 4chan's board /b/ whereby a person describes an retard associated event.
An example of a Tard story

>Be at Macdonalds eating a quarter pounder
>Suddenly a large group of tards stumble in.
>It's obviously one of the grand tard days out that they have sometimes and macdonalds is like a fucking gourmet restaurant to them.
>They all get their food when one whale tard lets out a cry because his CHEESE burger has cheese on it and he doesn't like it.
>Tard gets upset and his wrangler tries to calm him down and get him one without cheese.
>Staff member refuses to get him a new one because he sprayed his spit all over the burger.
>Tard starts to flip his shit because he apparently hates cheese that much
>Lets out tard war cry
>Other tards begin to join in the cry
>Sounds like a fucking walrus being strangled
>Whale tard then begins to stick his greasy tard fingers in everyone else's food and then takes a bite
>Beating off many wranglers with his massive flabby arms as he does
>Other tards begin to help and overpower wranglers with tard strength
>It's like a scene from a fucking prison riot. (Except there tards of course)
>NOPE. I fucking legged it out of there because I was sat close to the door.
>Ran like a mother fucker in case one of the skinny tards used his tard speed to catch up with me.
>To this day i have no idea what happened to the innocent bystanders in that MacDonalds.
>Still regret abandoning my quarter pounder. That shit was fucking tasty.
by Somerandompearson March 01, 2012

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