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The DAY STUDENTS, are the ones that wear pink bows in there hair and Lilly PUKEiser,\"ya you like that\", some of the chicks here are awsome, you have your variety, punks, punk wannabees, prep, prep wannabees, and ya the normal ones, and normal wannabees!! Oldfields is also known as Hofields, Oldfields girls are known for taking away all of the mixer guys, this makes other schools upset, poor poor people
You know your from Oldfields if...
-you get excited when there is new ice cream in the freezer!
-you dont go on walks for exercise
-its weird to wear makeup to school
-your saturday nights tend to be on a school bus (boarders)
-you have a nervous break down when people take too many morning snacks
-you say \"whites suck\" and its not a racial comment
-every person in school finds out what you did the weekend by second period on Monday
-everyone has P.M.S. at the same time (HELL!!)
-you start screaming GREEN OR WHITE for no reason what so ever?!?!
-you talk to people on aim when there right next to you
-the internet is down you start to cry and bitch at everyone
-you think it ok to drive 5 hours just to see boys you dont know
-aerobic and yoga are sports
-your idea of a crazy night is going to Giant
-the thing-a-ma-bob is an actual thing
-you wear flip flops in the snow
-you lost your best friend during the presidential election
-a family member had birth or a death automatically on a closed weekend
-you see horses frolicking outside the library window
-you get a cracker or and asprin when you go to the health center even if you are dieing!!
-you dont own a razor
-you wear pearl to lacrosse practice(Day Students)
-you use an elevator to go up one flight of stairs
-when the animal to student ration is equal
-when the entire state of Maryland is off, except you
-the lunch line is extra long when there are French Fries
-when the teachers gossip more than the students
-when you no longer have bells
-sports are a requirement
-you pay 37,000 dollars and you still choose to break into a teacher\'s house to steal money
-people periodically leave class for 20mins
-when you have a SNACK POLICE
-its normal to see a girl walking around topless in the dorm

-you dont have a phone card you are screwed
by Someone from OS April 26, 2005

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