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He will never nag you about anything if you’re his girlfriend because he will never talk to you! Unless he wants a blow job, etc. His hobbies include BMX, rap music and his half inch penis. He never dates a girl if they have a bit of class and don’t want to screw around with the fat fuck. Like this one time when he was dating a girl, he gave her herpes then he ignored her for 3 or 4 weeks, left her hanging, and then finally broke up with her over text because he was too scared to do it face to face. He also can’t ask girls out, or tell them how he feels face to face because his is such a wimp. He’s tough as well, he likes to hit his future girlfriends if they can’t figure out his complex plan of crap. He makes fun of his girlfriends if they are short, and even throws them in the air to prove a point. Yep, Chair sure is a top bloke, whenever he dates a girl he sure does a bang up job -.- If you know what I mean…
Chair: I know who likes you

Person: Who?

Chair: They have a S and an E in their name

Person: -.-
by Somecynicaldude January 02, 2011
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