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This is the best post-war subway car ever built in the motherfucking world.

Massive ass front window, cold A/C, fast doors, and as fast as hell.

The ENTIRE MTA management deserves to be hung from their ballsacks for retiring this brilliant piece of railcar engineering and replacing it with a shitty dried out armadillo crap called the R160.

R40 Slant can be used to describe anything awesome beyond any other possible description.
Example 1:

Person 1: "Yo man i had sex with 12 girls last night one after another!"
Person 2: "Damn son I'm jealous that was mad R40 Slant"

Example 2:

Person 1: "Dude I just won 149 Million dollars in the lottery, bought an Audi R8, and the economic crisis ended instantly!"
Person 2: "R40 Slant."
A boil on the ass of the railcar engineering world, the R160 is a shitty ass conglomerate of dried jizz, aluminum foil, armadillo garlic breath, and rancid nacho cheese that makes up a worthless excuse for a horrid subway car.

Back in 2000, the MTA executives at the time were planning on ways to royally fuck over the MTA riders.

Eventually, after a massive mutual masturbation session, it was concluded that the best way to anally rape American taxpayers in the most efficient manner was to order a MASSIVE amount of shitty ass subway cars for the MTA executives to get high in on the weekends when the surplus subway car count rises because of the service cutbacks.

By 2010, all of the R160s were delivered, and notable epic and timeless subway cars such as the R40 Slants were retired.

In the New York City metropolitan area, the term "R160" generally refers to something horrible in quality and design.
Example 1:

Person 1: "Hey man so I heard you had your balls caught in a pencil sharpener that acted like a meat grinder."
Person 2: "Yeah that thing was a massive R160"

Example 2:

Person 1: "I have a Zune."
Person 2: "R160."

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