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AZS is a form of saying "arigatou" in japanese slang. Commonly used from people who text,twitter,blog or do anything else on the internet.(It's pronounced AZASU)
friend:"You're comment was so sweet!AZS<3"
me:"What's AZS?"
friend:"AZS is thankyou in japanese internet slang."
me:"Oh...AZS lol"
by SomeHaafuChick July 17, 2011
Bunzu is a term from Fukushima to describe a bruise/aoaza.
This term is use mosty from local fukushima residents.
friend:"dude,what's wrong with your leg?"
me:"Had a major crash on my skateboard"
Friend:"Damn!No wonder you have a bunzu"
by SomeHaafuChick July 18, 2011
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