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A turd nugget hanging off the ass of Florida.

St. Petersburg is over run by cops. Cops who use undercover cop cars that dont look like the typical white undercover police cars, who would have guessed?

Some things to do in St. Petersburg are:
1. Getting fucked up.
2. Eating crap shrooms from Gulf Port.
3. Smoking crap weed.
4. Eating crap.
5. Trying to find a place to smoke without the cops climbing out of a storm drain and surprising you.
6. Driving down 1st. ave really fast.
7. Sneaking into and de-facing abandoned buildings.
8. Screaming at people while your driving down the street.
9. Screaming at the people waiting to get some ice cream from the Candy Kitchen while your driving down the street.

For a semi-interesting night, go DownTown to "The Rock" to see more pretentious pre-teens than you will ever want to witness in your life. Travel to the beaches on the east side of St. Pete to be molested by tourists and canadians who chose to come down south after season and think they own the place.

Want a job here? Too bad... you either have to spread your legs or sell your balls to the perverted assclowns who run the shit tourist store that your applying too because no one else wants to hire you.

Other things to do in 'DaBurg'... get jumped by 20 kids looking for kicks, have guns put in your face and watch the murder rate climb as fast as your will does to get the fuck out of this hell hole.
Me: "Finally, a place to smoke this crap weed we bought here in... ST. PETERSBURG..."

Friend: "... why did you just say... 'ST.PETERSBURG'?"

Me: "Because these clowns at Urban Dictionary said I had to use 'ST. PETERSBURG' in the example.."

by SomeGuyWhoLivesHere April 15, 2008

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