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1 definition by SomeBra

verb. The action of placing one's thumb as far up another individuals rectum as possible. Often results in extreme surprise and discomfort for the individual on the receiving end of the thumb, and great pleasure for the attacker. In some variations, once the thumb is firmly placed inside the anal cavity, the attacker will go even further by quickly moving his thumb around in a circular motion inside the poop shoot(Tom Thumb Twister). Many prefer to lick their thumbs on the pre-insertion approach to make the execution of the Tom Thumb go more smoothly. However, it's not advisable to lick one's thumb post-insertion.

synonyms: thumb gunnin, checking the oil, slight of thumb
also see: anal rape
bra1: "So I was beating off while watching meatspin the other day and..."
bra2: "TOM THUMB!!!!"
bra2: "Chill bra, you just got tom thumbed..."
bra1: "I kinda liked it, bra."
by SomeBra February 20, 2009