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A male anon on /r9k/.
A male version of /r9k/'s fembot.
OP: Theres a girl in my bed. My parents are awake downstairs. She is a landwhale, and she won't wake up. drunk night out. really embarrassing don't want my Dad to see her. What do /r9k/ :(

Brobot: Write on her face.

OP: Done.

Brobot: OP is a fellow brobot who actually pulls through.
by Some Fembot June 26, 2012
A female anon on /r9k/.
A female version of /r9k/'s brobot.
Brobot: ITT: Being a male introvert.
Fembot: I've never had a boyfriend...
Brobot: No fembots allowed. GTFO!
by Some Fembot June 26, 2012
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